Ever Been to a Place so peaceful that you could hear yourself think?

With everything that happens in our life, we sometimes can’t wait for the Festive season to get a break!  Owen Campbell Said, Remember to Breathe! and that is what I did. Being a Woman means, taking up different roles in life. A Daughter, Mother, Wife, Employee, Employer, Doctor, Nurse, Uber Driver and more and thing is there is nothing wrong in taking a break to take care of you because to be one or the other in this world, you need to be whole.

Crowned by Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, the Amboseli National Parks is one of Kenya’s most popular parks. And this was my destination of choice this time around.

The early morning drive and watching the Sunrise never grows old. I got to AA Lodges in Amboseli at around 12 noon after a 4-hour drive. I checked in and was showed to my room. I loved how they have a variety of accommodation options from cottages to tented camps. It was so silent and peaceful you could still hear the birds singing. As always you will not miss the Creepy Crawlies which seem not to be bothered by your presence. After a shower, I headed out for lunch and later a swim! The view of the Mountain was still so clear and beautiful. I was able to take a power nap by the poolside. I was later awoken by a smooth breeze and realized it was 4 pm. A great time to take a trip to the National Park. Dressed up and ready to go, My tour guide and I met at the reception and we left. After paying the Park fees at the gate, rooftop popped open, off we were! I was so relaxed I couldn’t believe I hadn’t checked my phone for messages or even gone through my social media pages. Atthat moment in time, I realized I was at peace with myself. My thoughts we interrupted by the Zebras Crossing. I always find myself giggling at that. My phone was now a camera!

The Mother in me was awoken when I saw a Lioness and it’s Cubs and I got this new energy and Love within myself . It reminded me why I love doing what I do for everyone who depends on me for one thing or another.

It reminded me to breathe. I think that is what I needed and I was ready to go home and wear all my hats! We left the park at 6 pm and was given the option of taking a morning Drive before we went back home. Which I agreed to. Because of the dust in the park, I was forced to take yet another shower before dinner and even got time to chill. Now, this is why I am going back to AA Lodges! You have a designated area to access the internet.

So as to catch up with my family, I sat at the bar and assured everyone at home I was OK, sent a few Pictures to family and friends and at that point I made a choice not to peruse through my Ista or Facebook feeds it would only ruin what was a perfect day!

Dinner was served and after some entertainment from the Maasai community, Off to bed, I was. Next morning, at 6 am, after a Peacefull night’s sleep, I went for the morning game drive. The Sun was all so glorious behind the mountain! We saw many baby Zebras, Elephants, Wildebeest, Giraffes & even Hippos in a Pond. I had a great breather! I would definitely recommend this is a trip to all women who juggle to be the best at all they do! Also, for all who want to rekindle the flame or just hang out with Family without them fiddling around their smartphone and other gadgets. This overnight Trip to Amboseli Renewed my spirits. Try it!